Pack seasonal books away with the decorations

Susy's simple hack makes so much sense…keep it in mind as you pack away the ornaments.

When I pack up the decorations for whatever holiday (Halloween, Turkey Day, Xmas etc) I include the holiday-themed books we have in the box–that way the next year we open the box we have almost "new" books that get everyone excited about the holiday. The Halloween books aren't floating around the house all year and inevitably lost the next year when the want to read about ghosts, but also we don't have to read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" in August!

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  1. Marykz says

    We add the christmas/ holiday music CD’s DVD’s, VHS tapes, cookie cutters, and special dinnerware to the decorations box(es). I just can’t listen to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer after January 10th or so… (just don’t put them somewhere they might melt/warp, like the attic!) MKZ

  2. hedra says

    No ‘Little Drummer Boy’ video watching in August? My life will change dramatically.

    Thinking to institute this one, definitely. In a couple of years. When we’re likely to get the decorations out before Christmas Eve… maybe when the twins are 5.

  3. says

    We do this also. I like it because it reminds me of when I was a kid and there weren’t dvds and videos and when the Charlie Brown special came on I was anxious for it all day and it was a special night to get popcorn and watch it.

  4. says

    Yup! I pack up the Christmas books and videos and cds as well. The kids act like they are all brand-new and exciting! Love this one! Thanks for the reminder to gather them all up today!

  5. ksmce says

    We just figured out that it makes sense to put the Christmas Gift bags away with the seasonal decorations. No more fiddling through the inappropriate ones for a birthday gift in July!

  6. says

    We started doing this last year, and it was great. I was unpacking tree decorations last month and had a few things in the box to hand my toddler to keep her busy. Made the whole process so much easier!

  7. says

    Our Chanukah books are safely tucked away with the dreidels and menorahs, but our 3 year old is still singing the latke song over and over. I should have asked her to put in in the box!

  8. says

    We also pack the books away and videos along with holiday stuffed animals etc. My husband says that when he was a kid his Mom would have them unwrap a new Christmas book for storytime. That sounds like a great idea too, although the thought of wrapping ANYTHING else turns me off!

  9. says

    Just thought of this myself as we are un-decorating today. Very good idea. I do not want to read Santa’s New Suit again, however I do fear what will happen when it is recognized as missing.

  10. STL Mom says

    I started doing this last year, and it really is fun to find the books and Santa doll after 11 months away. This year my new idea is to put the breakable ornaments in one box and tough ornaments in another box. The kids will be able to decorate the bottom of the tree independently, without me jumping in every 30 seconds saying, “oh, no, let mommy put that one up!” I can put the breakables on the top half of the tree at my leisure.

  11. Mieke says

    Excellent hack. I had heard it from someone last year — as in, actually being told as opposed to reading it online! OMG! :)
    I’d added all the books, videos, dvds as well. Hadn’t thought of the stuffed animals and the wrapping paper/bags. Thanks for that suggestion, we will add those this year.

  12. SWN says

    We also do this. We wrap the books and open one a night, leading up to xmas. I wrap and number them so I read them in the order I want. Next year, looks like I’m going to have to find a few new books as I have two boys now that both like to unwrap things. Much better holiday anticipation activity than those candy calendars I had when I was a child.

  13. Alex says

    We do that too! The winter holiday box is called “the North Pole.” As in, “Oh, such-and-such already went back to the North Pole!” I love buying things at a discount after the holiday and then packing them in the box right away.