31 January 2007

Nursing pads make good glass and granite cleaners

In: Mealtime

Johnson's nursing padsJodi found a use for her extra nursing pads:

After finishing breastfeeding – and having that last ½ box of Johnson's nursing pads left – I decided to use them to clean my glass and granite countertops. They are AWESOME!!!

I will vouch for Johnson's nursing pads myself -- they were by far the best of the disposable nursing pads I tried.

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I switched to cloth nursing pads after the stiff disposable ones made me look like I was stuffing saucers in my bra. I wish I had known about Johnson's then.

Are they that great? I'm using the Lanisoh pads. How are they different?

For washable nursing pads, I *loved* the Bravado pads. They are lined with Coolmax -- the stuff they use in athletic wear to wick sweat away from your body. Guess what, it works great to wick milk away from your body too! They were soft and flexible, not hard and think and lumpy like most brands I tried, and they don't get hard when milk dries on them. Like I said, I loved them, and found them way more comfortable next to my skin than disposable.

I used washable nursing pads but I don't remember the brand - maybe Avent? Anyway they work great for cleaning glasses or other things that need some all cotton cloth to prevent scratching.

I guess everyone is different. I didn't like Johnson's, I liked Lansinoh. The cloth ones never worked well enough for me.

I've been wondering if anyone has a review of Lily Padz? I'm very curious to hear if they really work.

One more note: I started out with thin Japanese Weekend "Hug" bras which feel great, but I got tired of how terrible I looked in shirts (either nipples or breast pads or both showing through) so I switched to thicker, lined nursing bras. What a difference! They hid the shape of ANY nursing pad, and made me look more normal in my clothes.

I totally agree that the Johnson and Johnson pads are the BEST if you use disposable. They were the only ones that didn't show through my clothes...the Lansinoh and others have a much wider diameter and tended to fold over on each other as you tried shape them to your body.

I think of myself as a coniseur of nursing pads, I've tried them all...
Johnson: I didn't like the J&J ones because I found that when I leaked or had let down and didn't immediately remove the bad, it would dry and stick to my nipple making the removal painful.
Avent: too bulkly and small
Medela: nice contoured shape,tapered at the bottom, individually wrapped, but the wrapper means it is folded in the middle and it creates a "nice" crease- not godo for a form fitting shirt
Lansinoh: like these the best- super absorbent
Lily Padz- they work on the premise that pressure on the nipple will preven milk from flowing. THese work great if you are at work and won't be nursing or hearing your baby cry- I found that when I wore them at home and nursed, my letdown on the non-nursing side was too strong and i ended up having a little collected pool on the inside of the pad- very messy...

I hated LilyPadz - they don't breathe well and left my skin irritated, big red marks where the Lilypad touched my skin, and I had the milk-collecting-pool effect with them too.

Yay for spending $30 on something no one will every want to buy from me, used. *eyeroll*

That's probably the most unusual suggestion for granite cleaning I've come across (and I'm in the granite business!) Right now I can only take you word - We'll have to try it and get back to you...

Two kids, total combined nursing: 26 months and counting. That's a lot of nursing pads. My vote for favorite pad is definitely Lansinoh. They are the best. Hands down. Without a doubt.

I too tried Lily Padz, and liked them OK -- for about a month and half. My concern was the smell. They got stinky -- even after I boiled them to disinfect. My whole nipple area would smell too. I became concerned that it would hinder nursing my then-newborn; plus I was worried about bacteria.

Once J&J got rid of the ones I used back in 2002 (they were heavy duty and super absorbent), I had to find a new brand that did the trick for a VERY plentiful milk supplier.

Gerber premium heavy flow work best for me and I buy them like 8-10 boxes at a time at Baby Burlington (they have the cheapest price at 4.99 a box, compared to 6.99 at my local grocery store).

I've tried the washable and well, they just don't last long enough to do the trick.

I may have to give the Lansinoh ones a try after all the recs though.

Good to hear about the Lily Padz, I wondered if they'd have that effect on a plentiful supplier like myself!

Lansinoh pads are the best! I tried Avent, J&J, and Gerber--all of them were so terrible compared with how great the Lansinosh are that I can't believe that they aren't all copying Lansinoh's model. They're not bulky on me and look the best under clothing.

I tried washable cloth pads too--I didn't like the way the lint would stick to my nipple, and they were always lumpy under clothes.

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