More on Edmay’s toy drive for Iraqi children

Edmay just shared this lovely article with me — all about her toy drive, and about the role Parent Hacks (YOU) played in getting the word out. Be sure to check out the pictures — perhaps one of those stuffed toys is one you sent! Thank you again (and again…).

If you find yourself with a glut of holiday toys, here’s the info for sending donations to Edmay.

Also, if you have any more ideas for how we can get the word out even farther (especially to the non-blog-reading public), I’d love to hear them. Edmay says they can handle however many toys arrive, and it seems to me that, especially now, so many more people would like to contribute to something positive happening in Iraq.

For the latest information about how to send toys to Iraq, please see the original post.


  1. maybeknott says

    What about used toys? I just donated an entire car full of used toys to goodwill, but I would have loved to have made a more “direct” donation. Any ideas? I’m sure I’ll have another car load in the future.

  2. says

    I just packed up a box and will mail it later today.

    As far as getting the word out – how about to parents of school aged children, or teachers? It would seem like a great class project. Kids could even write letters – “Here’s my old toy Stuffy, I hope you like him as much as I did.”

  3. says

    Thanks for the reminder — I just called the USPS number and the process for requesting free shipping supplies is really quick and easy! I plan to package up a bunch of our outgrown toys and animals for the kids in Iraq. I suggested this as a project to PTA members at my kids’ school and met with resistance because “stuffed animals can harbor germs.” Decided not to pursue with them but instead to tell other parents I know about the opportunity.

  4. says

    I called our local girl scout council (I’m a leader) and had them send out an e-mail to the troop leaders in our area. Leaders are always looking for service projects and my troop enjoyed participating. Maybe your readers could make a similar phone call?

  5. Edmay says

    I cannot thank y’all enough — how wonderful you all are. Thanks a million times over. /Edmay

  6. Laura says

    Can we still send stuffed animals to Edmay? Is she still there? I am slowly collecting toys in my neighborhood and I want to make sure they get to the right place. Thanks! I love everything about this!

  7. Lisa M says

    My daughter decided that she could ask a few friends. Then she made up flyers and went to her youth group with it. As I speak, we have 6 boxes packed and another 6 trash bags to sort through! Thank you Edmay for being the inspiration.

  8. Rebecca says

    This is still in effect? Have not seen an update in over a month and want to make sure our stuff, ready to go, will get to the right person.

  9. Momwithtoys says

    Is there still a need for toys and stuffed animals? If so, please let me know where to send them.

  10. Edmay says

    Yes there is still a great need for the children of Iraq. Please send packages to either Frank DeBoer or Mike Fellenz – their address is:
    APO AE 09331

    Thanks so much/Edmay