Meet the Parenthackers: Jill Pohl

Given the enthusiastic commenting on Jill’s potty training hack, now’s a great time to tell you a little more about her. Jill never fails to come up with great tips, and her responses to others’ ideas bubble with friendliness and the wisdom I’m convinced only teachers possess. I love getting her emails, and often trade stories with her — in fact, we’ve shared our tales of potty training woe. Looks like those days are over now, hey, Jill?

There are too many good Jill hacks for me to really choose my favorites, but here are a couple I particularly like: Can we call it "regoodie-ing"? and Google for your supper.

Two: 2 1/2 and 5 1/2

One-line parenting motto?
This too shall pass (and something else will take its place).

Favorite hack?
Hard to say. The best hacks become such an integral part of your parenting that you forget you didn’t used to do them. I like tips on eating, potty training and traveling with children.