Meet the Parenthackers: Scott Severtson

Almost all of Scott’s comments (which have appeared here since the Big Boing Boing) contain hacks. But he’s also submitted some goodies: his odes to hydration packs and slings.

Maggie, 6, Mira, 3, Alexa, 2

One-line parenting motto?
Don’t protect them from everything; just teach them how to do it safely!

Favorite hack?
The magic of making toys with your kids. I’ve always joked that my kids can be happy with a cellophane-window envelope to play with, but this hack lead to lead to *tons* of cardboard box play in my home. Purses, puppet theaters, the obligatory houses for dolls and people (dependent on size), templates for tracing, even a rubber-band violin (with a paper towel roll for the "neck"); now we never let good cardboard go to waste.