Meet the Parenthackers: Kittenpie

Kittenpie has been a reader and commenter from early on, and we’ve had plenty of companionable email chats. She is a prolific blogger in her own right, and part of Toronto’s amazing mommyblogging community. She’s sent in many a good hack, but my favorites are Saw diaper wipes in half and Shovel up the Legos.

Pumpkinpie is 2.5 years old, a girl.

One-line parenting motto?
Maybe “I’m working on it.” I seem to say that a lot.

Favorite hacks?
There are so many great ideas, I would have a really hard time nailing down just one, but I really appreciate hacks or discussions for things coming up. I keep a file folder in my email for the ones I like so I can skim through once in a while and see if there’s something useful! I will be checking out the moving to a bed discussion soon, I think, so maybe that’s my favourite for now!