Meet the Parenthackers: Serrina Yozsa, DPM

Serrina of Scottsdale, Arizona wrote to me full of enthusiasm days after her son was born…which amazed me, because I had the mental capacity of algae at that point in my parenting career. Immediately she began sending her hacks and commenting on the site, and continues to do so now. I especially enjoyed her idea to put a toothpaste squeeze-it on the diaper cream tube.

11 month-old son

One-line parenting motto?
Live, Love, Laugh & Let Him Explore!

Favorite hack?
Easy Peppermint Bark! [That hack came courtesy of my friend and contributor Margaret, who you’ll be meeting in an upcoming profile. — Ed.]


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    The toothpaste squeeze trick is great. Unfortunately, Parent Hacks wasn’t around (yet) when our little one made his earthly appearance.

    Luckily we stumbled onto that one ourselves and swear by it. That stuff ain’t cheap and being able to squeeze out every last gloopy bit is great for the pocket book.

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    I’ve also since bought the HUGE jar of Aquafor. I just keep the lid off and glop a bunch onto my fingers and then onto our baby’s bum! It’s quite easy! Thanks for the recognition. I LOVE Parenthacks! -S