Hair dryer as towel warmer

During the colder months, my kids shiver pathetically when they emerge from the bath. That two minutes of towel-drying time is torture for them: their teeth chatter and they looked like drowned rodents.

To help ease the chills, I use the blow dryer to warm up their towels (I’m sitting there anyway). Once they’re out of the bath, I point the dryer at their towel-wrapped bodies and blast them with hot air. Lots of "ahhhhhhs" follow.

Caution: Be extremely careful with this hack. Only point the blow dryer at skin covered with a towel, and keep the dryer moving. That air will burn if held too close or too long. Also, be exceedingly careful when using any electrical appliance near a filled bathtub (or splashing kids). Unplug as soon as you’re done.

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  1. jen says

    our 9 month old LOVES wind…any kid of breeze. So, to combat winter-bath chills, we use the blow dryer to dry her off after her bath. We use it on “low” heat and “low” power, and she just ADORES it. Be sure to use the “low” settings and keep it moving, though!

  2. says

    In a complete waste of electricity, I throw the towels in the dryer right before they are ready to get out. I do the same for my wife.

    As for the hair dryer, Jen has it down. Kids love the playful fun of a hair dryer’s breeze.

  3. Natalie says

    How about wrapping the towel around a hot water bottle? It would make the towel warm enough to get the kid dried off comfortably, and then you could use the same water bottle to warm up the crib/bed?

    If the radiator is warm, I use that to warm towels (mine or the Sprout’s).

  4. says

    Why stop at the towels? I blowdry my sons pjs, too. I hold the dryer in the neck of the jammers while moving it around for just a couple seconds, also the pants. We moved to the NW from California last spring, and my sun lovin’ kid does great in the cold weather, until he gets out of the bath. He just FREEZES! Who doesn’t love toasty pjs! Also, my hubby got me a pair of trapdoor footy pjs for Christmas and I LOVE THEM! So cozy!

  5. Sandy says

    Well try the microwave for about 30 secs and it’ll do the job… on towels, clothes, socks!! We discovered this last year and this year, our 2.5yo has gotten into the habit of picking out his clothes, following us into the kitchen while serve him cereal, and handing us his clothes and asking to “zap them”. We do make sure there are no metal buttons/add-ons–I had to replace a couple buttons on his jeans to make sure I did not wreck the zapper.

  6. says

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