Gum wrapper fun

The other day I was cleaning out the disaster area that I like to call my office, and as I was gathering up some gum wrappers to throw in the trash, I suddenly remembered that childhood, time-passing activity of the gum wrapper chain–how all the kids in my neighborhood would collect wrappers, sit and make chains, and trade wrappers. 

Since my daughter, like many children, always wants to know what her parents did and what games they played as kids [My kids call that "the olden days." — Ed], I thought showing her how to make a chain would be a fun nostalgia trip.  It was!  If you’ve forgottten how to make the links, here’s a quick tutorial.


  1. says

    I never did this as a kid (although we’d rub the silver part off of gum wrappers onto other surfaces.

    The link for the tutorial isn’t working. Please fix it so I can close this gap in my own kid knowledge.