Embellish your kid’s Crocs

CrocksI can’t say I’m a fan of Crocs — those brightly-colored plastic clogs that seem to have taken over the footwear universe. Obviously I’m in the minority, however, because I see them year-round here in sloshy Portland. They are undeniably practical for kids. Lightweight, easy to clean, slip-offable.

If your kid is still wearing Crocs despite the chill (or, if, God forbid, you are), perhaps some wintertime embellishment is in order. Kirsten pointed me to directions for creating your own Croc Charms.

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  1. says

    You know. The first time I saw these was over a year ago while we were in the hospital having our son.

    Every single nurse was wearing them.

    We asked why? Comfort was the answer.

    We asked where we could get them and there was only one store in town.

    Now they are everywhere.

    I have yet to try a pair, but everyone that I have asked that wears them thinks they are some of the most comfortable shoes that they have ever worn.

    On the other hand, many other people hate them. Seems like my college years Birkenstock trend all over again.

  2. says

    That’s a cute idea and much cheaper than buying the jibbitz @ 2.50 a piece. My kids (3 & 6) are just now getting into crocs, so I’ll definitely try this out.

  3. says

    I checked out the Jibbitz offerings and I think this hack beats them hands down. Way more versatile. I think it would be awesome to put a whole bunch of vintage metal buttons on a set of darker crocs. It would have sort of a tortoise shell look.

    Way to go, Kirsten. You definitely came up with a good one.

  4. says

    There are models of Crocs without the side and top ports (holes) like the Endeavor.

    I *love* this hack because it’s a new use for the novelty buttons in my sewing area and it doubles as a neat gift idea. I think I’ll claim the gummy bear buttons I have stowed away for my own Crocs!

  5. Kay says

    It is the middle of summer here in Australia (hot and humid), I am 8 months pregnant and more often than not my feet/ankles resemble tree trunks.

    I have a pair of non-brand name shoes like this (i.e. not crocs but same type of shoe) that I got for under $10 in black.

    They are the only shoes that I have worn in the last month as they fit the criteria for pregnancy in summer:

    1. Not Tight for swollen feet
    2. Cool in summer heat
    3. Very comfortable – means I can actually shop for a while without my feet killing me

  6. STL Mom says

    Both of my kids go to Montessori school and are required to keep a pair of slippers/indoor shoes at school. Crocs were the recommended shoe at my son’s preschool, because they are easy for the kids to take on and off. I bought some charms because Sharpie ink comes right off Crocs for some reason, and I wasn’t sure I could trust a three-year-old to find his cubby. Now I can enhance his shoes even more without breaking the bank!
    Kay, anything that feels good while pregnant is great. But don’t be surprised if you want to toss them after the baby is born and your feet go back to (or close to)normal size. I had a strong love/hate relationship with the Birkenstock clogs I wore daily for three months before my daughter was born. When I could wear regular shoes again, they were GONE!
    Oddharmonic, wouldn’t rubber shoes without holes be kind of hot and sweaty?

  7. Windy says

    The first time I saw these was also when I was in the hospital, giving birth to my son. All the nurses were wearing them, so you know they had to be comfortable. I got a pair when I found I could no longer fit into most of my pre-pregnacy shoes for work. They are pretty comfortable, if ugly. Also good for mopping or the rain, if you don’t mind getting your feet wet and cold until they dry off.