Decluttering the Exersaucer

Here’s how Kate dials down the stimulation on the Exersaucer without losing the toys:

I have a pretty simple hack for EvenFlo Exersaucers. They often have a whole lot of gizmos, and when your baby is on the low end of the age range for Exersaucers, the toys can be a bit much for easily-overstimulated babies. The EvenFlo saucers have toys that come out, but instead of just taking them out, I turned all of the toys upside down and inserted them from the bottom. That kept the tray relatively stimulus free for our son, and as he grew older, I didn’t have to search for the toys; I just turned them right side up one by one.

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  1. Louise says

    I found that removing the wheeled spinner on the Baby Einstein exersaucer revealed a perfect little rimmed “dish” for cheerios so they didn’t get caught up in the seat.

  2. Bob says

    The spinner was all my boy played with. Without it, it’s a giant paperweight.

    He’s since graduated to trucks — anything with wheels is “uck!”