27 January 2007

Curly no-tie shoelaces for toddlers' sneakers

No-tie shoelacesHere's how Kittenpie dealt with the toddler shoe-tying problem:

Recently I had to buy my daughter new shoes and it was right between seasons. There was so little available, I grabbed a pair of sneakers, only to realize when I got home that they had laces - and my daughter is two years old. I had hunted high and low for these, but clearly laces wouldn't fly with her or the daycare staff. Solution? The curly no-tie laces meant for seniors and others with limited dexterity are perfect. No tripping, no tying endless bows or fighting with knots, and she loves how they spring back when pulled and released. The sneakers are now known as the "snappy" shoes. This would work for kids of any age, but is especially great for those years before tying their own laces is really to be expected.

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I remember having these in my shoes as a kid!

I thought they made these specifically for children. I know that I used to buy them for my girls before they could easily tie their shoes (not that long ago, they're 8 & 10 now), and I found fun colors in the children's section of shoestores.

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