Clearance ornaments make good craft supplies

I was just at Cost Plus yesterday, and I noticed a decent selection of clearance-priced (75% off) Christmas ornaments that had nothing to do with Christmas. Most of them were hand-sewn Indian fabrics or beaded decorations — perfect for use as fancy dolly purses or dress-up jewelry or in sewing projects. I picked up a super-elaborate satin-and-ribbon tassel (the kind that looks nice hanging from gathered curtains or doorknobs) for $2 that would have cost at least $15 at the fabric store. I even found a couple sequined hearts with tiny photo frames inside…ideal Valentines for grandparents. (Grandparents! You didn’t read that!)

I’m generally anti-tchotchke (that’s the excellent Yiddish word for useless knick-knack), but these seem like a great, cheap way to inspire rainy weekend afternoon craftiness.

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    I just did the same thing recently – bought some gorgeous ornaments. Already used one for a wall doll. Don’t you love these sales!