Camelbak hydration backpack solves nursing moms’ nighttime thirst

Camelbak SkeeterThis hack brought back the memory of just how thirsty I was while nursing. Here’s how Jerry and Sara solved the riddle of getting a drink while nursing a co-sleeping infant:

My wife and I co-sleep with our 6 week-old daughter, which seems to help both us and her sleep longer through the night.  We have a king-size bed, so there is plenty of room for everyone.  One of the problems we had was that Sara needed to have some water through the night while the baby was feeding or sleeping, but she couldn’t reach the nightstand without disturbing the baby.

We solved that problem by using our Camelbak – a little backpack filled with water, with a drinking hose extending out.  It’s often used for sports, or for the military, but it is handy for co-sleeping as well.  We fill the Camelbak at night, and put it between the bed and the headboard, where my wife can reach the drinking hose.  Problem solved!

[Pictured here is the Camelbak Skeeter — made for kids 5 and up, less expensive than the adult version — in fact, on sale at the moment — and with enough capacity (28 oz.) for middle-of-the-night drinks. — Ed.]

We’ve covered hydration packs before; Scott thinks they’re great for kids, and not just for hiking and biking.

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    This hack reminds me of when I used to wear my Camelbak around the office to hydrate before big races… and now I can look forward to busting it out again for marathon nursing and not just marathons. Awww, how times have changed.

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    My low-tech version was to fill a big sports bottle (the kind with a lid and a straw) with water and put it on the floor by the bed. For some reason I just can’t imagine myself drinking from a backpack.

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    Brilliant. I’ve been filling up Nalgenes like there’s no tomorrow and chugging them at night (we have shelves behind the bed) during nursing. Having one of those during the day would be great, cause I keep forgetting to drink water all day.

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    Wow, I was just going to submit this tip but thought I’d do a search on the off chance that someone else had thought of it first. And they had! For precisely the same reason, and put it in almost precisely the same spot!