Bulk quesadillas

Maggie’s got lunchtime covered with her recipe for bulk quesadillas. Reminds me of the streamlined peanut butter sandwich hack that appeared here last summer.

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  1. says

    Too much work. Place tortilla straight on the counter. Put some pre-grated cheese (God Bless Kraft) onto half of it. Fold. Place into toaster oven. Done. Want to be neat about it? Use a paper towel on the counter.

    While I’m sharing my Bachelor Chow Compliant recipes, I’ll also share my ultimate secret: cracker pizza. Take four saltines, toss a small squirt of ketchup on each (you can go fancy with pizza or spaghetti sauce if you like), and one slice of cheese. Fold the cheese into fours and place one on each saltine. Toss into microwave for 20 seconds and you have a delicious snack. Make two servings and you have a meal. It’s better than toast + ketchup + cheese since the crackers have more crunch in them (thin and crispy!).

    (who annoys his dear spouse by making Bachelor Chow from time to time…)

  2. Elizabeth says

    I agree with Steve. I don’t really see how this is saving anyone any time, because unlike the sandwich post, these aren’t “grab and go” items. The thaw time in the pan is probably equivalent to the prep time to make them.

    I guess if someone frequently runs out of cheese or tortillas, they might make these in advance so that the ingredients remain “hands off” for the family, but ready to go when they have a playgroup or something like that. …..or maybe for some people, just knowing that these are prepped and in the freezer is enough incentive to bypass fast food restaurants and go home for a cheaper meal.

    But again, I can’t see that it’s any faster. If it works for you, though, go for it!