Baby Loves Disco: a report!

Baby Loves DiscoI happen to know several of you were at Baby Loves Disco yesterday afternoon, but unfortunately we never managed to meet up. (That’s what I get for not wearing my “I’m the one from Parent Hacks” t-shirt.) No matter — it was an incredible event, and I hope those of you who were able to come had fun, too. The bouncy floor of the Crystal Ballroom was full — in a good way, not a claustrophobic way — of happy kids and their parents. The bubbles were floating, the music was playing (just loud enough), and I managed to squeeze into a sparkly skirt from the dressup box. Over my pants. Barely. My daughter thought I was beautiful, and my son tolerated my silliness.

Here’s what we got:

  • dancing
  • a warm welcome from Andy, one of the BLD organizers, dressed in silver sequins
  • excellent music spun by Greasy Kid Stuff
  • bubbles
  • egg- (and booty-) shaking
  • hula-hoop spinning
  • scarf-waving
  • balloons
  • healthy snacks (thank you thank your for not pumping our children full of chemicals and sugar!)
  • coffee for the parents (thank you thank you for providing the grownups with caffiene!)
  • chocolate kisses and board books scattered on the tables (okay, so a little sugar)
  • time with two dear friends and their kids
  • places to sit when we wanted to rest
  • free baby books
  • free Baby Legs

And here are a few photos. One of our ticket winners, Tom, also took pix, which will appear in Flickr tagged as parenthacks, soon. And video!

It was awesome. I hope you get a chance to go, if this kind of thing is your bag. Be sure to buy tickets ahead of time! They had to turn away many shivering families at the door because it was sold out.

The next Parent Hacks meetup, which I have yet to dream up, will be at a free venue, and I will be sure to tell everyone what I’m wearing! Perhaps I’ll don the sparkly skirt again.

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  1. says

    We went too, but didn’t see you! We had a great time, regardless. That floor is fantastic! All the organizers did a great job. But – free BabyLegs? How did I miss that?

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    cranky mama: ach! There were piles being given away on the table at the entrance. The only reason I got them was because Andy directed me there to pick some up.

  3. says

    We had a blast. The venue as always was amazing, the goodies and snacks topnotch, the chill out area well placed, the kids wore themselves out. We lasted from opening to just about 4pm. In all that time though we managed to not spot any other Parent Hackers.

    Did they ever play TMBG? I got them to play one Clash song after which our 4 year old decided dad was a tad insane when he dances.

    Aside from Dads allergic reaction to cheesy disco music (can baby love the cure, new order or reggae?) we had a great time. Next time we need to wear dorky name tags or coordinated cafepress tshirts/hats to id ourselves. Or we could set up RFID tags that will track our motions on our PDA’s…wrong hack list:)-


  4. says

    We didn’t make it, after all, and now that I see it was sold out I’m rather glad, as we would have been turned away by the time we got there. Mama (me) had sinus trouble, and baby (she) had nap trouble, so we’re planning to be there in March instead. I’ll buy tickets ahead of time! Glad you all had fun, it looks great!

    Oh, and I’ll be watching for that free event coming up, too. If I come up with any clever ideas, I’ll let you know!