07 January 2007

A scrapbooker votes for Costco's digital photo printing

For those of you dealing with the holiday photo backlog, Ashley's hack may come in handy:

Here's a hack I stumbled across while getting my digital pictures set up to print at my local Costco.
I like to use
Costco's online submission feature and then pick my pictures up at the store. That in and of itself is a pretty cool hack. I also discovered while submitting my pictures that if you choose to edit your picture, besides the usual red-eye, contrast, and cropping features you can add fun borders. They have about 20 or so holiday borders as well as lots of everyday designs. As a scrapbooker, all I have to say is very cool. No extra cost and some pictures are already scrapbook-ready.

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Similarly, Kodak's Photo Gallery will let you pick up pics at your local CVS - a small service charge is applied ~1.50 but cheaper than shipping.

I have to second Costco as a photo printing service. They've got the best price in town, as far as I can tell, and the quality is good.

One note of warning: if you drop off film instead of uploading files, make sure you drop it off *inside*, not at the photo kiosk outside the door. They are entirely different services, and I think the Kodak kiosk is more expensive.

Oops, that previous comment was by me.

As a working parent who has never been "crafty", I choose to only print out very selected pictures. I realize that someday i might want albums of all my pictures. But, if I printed them all out now I would just have of boxes of pictures to store somewhere. So, instead, I have an online gallery on my personal website so all my family and friends can see them (I also use Flickr for pictures I want to share with all of cyberspace). When my youngest turned 1, and I realized that I had been negligent in the baby book area, I created a photobook online at Shutterfly. It turned out awesome and I have a hardbound album of his first year.

On the scrapbooking note: I let my 4 y.o. practice her scissors technique on pictures that won't be saved. (the one with my eyes closed, or that Bad Hair Day) I made a little construction paper book, gave her a glue stick, kid scissors and some cheap stickers- and she made her own scrapbook!

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