$30 off $99 worth of Huggies at Amazon now

Amazon often runs good diaper promotions, and one’s on now through the end of January. Get $30 off $99 worth of Huggies…could save you money and middle-of-the-night desperation runs to the store.



  1. Michelle says

    Was wondering if anyone uses these diapers? I used pampers baby dry and then switched to crusiers (size 3). My son has a thin waist and chunky legs. I only get leaks after a long night coupled with him sleeping on his side. Should I make the switch? I’m afraid to buy 4 boxes and then not like them.

  2. Serena says

    I prefer the Pampers cruisers at night, and I definitely preferred the pampers infant sizes – but my son is a 4 and we switch back and forth between Huggies and Pampers depending on the sale situation. If you really like Pampers, just wait a bit – Amazon usually alternates these deals.

  3. HDC says

    Buy a pack at the local grocery store first and give ‘em a run. I’ve used them for my little guy since birth (now 10 months old) and they work great. He’s not had any overnight leaks since he was really little when we didn’t do the best in putting them on correctly.

    Also for boys be sure to tuck that little guy down before bringing the front up and over. We’ve found that helps a bunch in keeping leaks down overall as it doesn’t overload the top front of the diaper first. And make sure those leg ruffles are out.

  4. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Michelle: Agreed. This deal lasts through the month so you have time to try them before making the plunge. Huggies always worked best for us, fwiw.

  5. says

    We’re a huggies family and thank you for sharing this deal! I just bought up a ton of these for baby #2 so I hope he fits into them as well as #1 son Holden!

    Michelle, Make sure that you’re getting the leg openings tight enough when you fasten the diapers.