Nursing pads make good glass and granite cleaners


Jodi found a use for her extra nursing pads: After finishing breastfeeding – and having that last ½ box of Johnson’s nursing pads left – I decided to use them to clean my glass and granite countertops. They are AWESOME!!! I will vouch for Johnson’s nursing pads myself — they were by far the best […]

Use your dishwasher as a dish-drying rack

I can’t imagine how hand washing dishes could be a time saver, but AJ‘s friend disagrees: A friend with several kids told me her dishes get dirty so fast it’s not effective time-wise to have the dishwasher running nonstop. Her solution is to handwash dishes and use the dishwasher as a drying rack. That tip […]

Juice keeps longer when frozen into cubes

Ice cube trays can be a parent’s best friend. From Gladys: My baby never finished up a jar of juice in a reasonable time, so I found myself throwing out a lot of it — and it was organic and pricey! I started freezing the juice into ice cube trays, then putting the frozen juice […]

Amazon’s Huggies deal ends Wednesday

You still have a few days to get in on Amazon’s Huggies diaper promotion: get $30 off $99 worth of Huggies diapers till January 31. Baby Cheapskate says this is a good deal, AND SHE KNOWS THESE THINGS. Tags: Baby, Diapers, Huggies, Parenting, Saving money

Fruit slime as baby hair gel

If that title didn’t grab you, you’re a stronger parent than I. Erin’s hack requires no preamble: My 11 month-old daughter’s hair is just long enough to get in her eyes, but not long enough to tuck behind an ear. I don’t really want to start cutting her hair, so I’ve taken to using a […]