WeJustGotBack.com: all about family travel

Relatively new family travel site WeJustGotBack.com offers road trip advice from the families…who just got back. (Thanks, Christy, for the tip.) Family travel is a favorite topic here at Parent Hacks — be sure to scan the Travel/Going Out archive before you head out of town.



  1. says

    This is a good resource and there is certainly a need for travel advice that pertains specifically to families. GoCityKids is another useful resource if you live in or plan to travel to any of the cities they cover.

    Shameless plug coming…My wife and I will be launching a site in a couple of months for parents to rate and review family-friendly activities and destinations. Any interested readers can sign-up to be notified of our launch by visiting http://www.parentography.com.

  2. Beddie says

    http://WeJustGotBack.com is a sanity saver! Their incredibly detailed hotel reviews have helped fast-forward my decision-making process. I mean, who has time to endlessly research where to take their family on vacation? The search-by-age box is a huge help too.

  3. Lori says

    This is already one of my favorite sites and I wanted to pass on a tip that I found on WJGB’s tip sheet on Flying With Kids because it’s a keeper.


    I have a 3-year-old and tried out the tip about letting kids fingerpaint on the plane with Crayola Color Wonder paint sets (in the tip sheet under heading “Preschoolers”). This is an awesome tip. We use CW painting sets at home but I never thought of bringing them on trips. Of course, it’s a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that idea. These paints really are magic. They don’t stain clothes, they don’t make a mess, they wipe up easily, and they won’t damage upholstery or anything else on the plane. On a recent flight from Seattle to Chicago, my son had a blast making loads of “magic pictures” and we even shared with another toddler who was sitting across the row from us because she was dying to try it. That other mom was thrilled to find a way to occupy her kid! From now on, it’s going into my carry-on bag for every trip.