Vote for your favorite Parent Hacks of 2006!

Parent Hacks is officially a year old. And along with the goopy cake and the uncomfortable hats, every good first birthday party includes a little reminiscing. “Remember her first smile?” “Remember when he started crawling?” “Remember when he peed on Grandma’s silk blouse while she was changing him?”

Well, we’ve got plenty to look back on with pride as well. Hundreds of hacks! Look how big our baby has grown! I thought it would be fun to find out which hacks are our favorites, and to engage in a little Digg-like voting as well. I’ve put together a “Top 10 Parent Hacks of 2006” page at Squidoo, and I invite you to add links to your favorite hacks, or vote up and down others’ links (it’s all friendly and in good fun). My hope is that, in the end, we’ll get a collective look at everyone’s top picks.

I’ve also set up a guestbook there in case you have something else you’d like to say on this momentous occasion. Think of it as an open mike.

Have a look through the archives and see just how much wisdom you’ve contributed with your hacks and your comments. Amazing, isn’t it?

UPDATE: Seth Godin managed to include his list on his blog, but I can’t seem to. So, if you would, please click through to Squidoo (sung to the tune of “Skip to My Loo”) to vote and submit your favorites!

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    I am relatively new here, but, as there are no other comments at the moment, let me be one of the first to say Happy Birthday and congratulations for such a well conceived and amazingly executed site about real world parenting.

    I truly love Parent Hacks. Thanks.

    Here is to your continued success and well deserved accolades in the coming year!