Truck stops make for fun breaks while road-tripping

As a road-trip baby myself, I can vouch for Mike’s travel hack:

Traveling over the Thanksgiving weekend, I was reminded of why it can be really nice to stop at truck stops while traveling with the family:

1)  The food’s usually pretty good.  Yeah, some places have had fast food restaurants take over, but the ones that do their own diner-style cooking can be quite tasty.  Also, they usually serve breakfast anytime, and what kid doesn’t want pancakes for dinner?

2)  Trucks.  Lots of big rigs for the kids to look at up close.

3)  All kinds of interesting things to look at in the store.

4)  The cleverest idea of all (and I’ve seen these at rest stops as well) is to grab a copy of the free magazine that sells trucks or tractors. Pictures and pictures of tractors and/or trucks, good for hours of fun. Put it back after the meal if you feel bad about taking it from someone who might actually buy something.

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  1. says

    I went on a road trip from New York to LA and the truck stops was the best part of the trip!

    I hated the fast food stops though, but as you say, geniune diners are quality!

  2. Jack Bornstein says

    Yeah, sure… truckstops. What a wholesome & family-friendly idea!
    You can also take advantage of their filthy rest rooms (with showers for a small fee!), peruse their selection of porn, and perhaps even pick up a prostitute while you wait for the little one to return from being molested in the aformentioned rest room!

  3. mike says

    Oh lordy – yeah, please keep the little ones close by at the truck stop. Bad things happen there – Drugs, prostitutes, etc. at the worst ones. Bleary eyed truckers who might snap if they hear a baby crying at the best.

  4. Aaron says

    We heard a tip from a friend and it works really great, if you don’t mind fast food. We have been travelling for a about 9 hours to and from relatives houses this past year. When we stop to eat we go to a fast food place that has a indoor play ground. We let the kiddos play and we eat and talk. When the kids are finished playing we get them a meal, and then let them eat it in the car. It allows them to stretch out a little, and then keeps them quiet while eating.

  5. says

    One of our best long-distance roadtrip experiences happened at a truck stop parking lot, where a friendly trucker graciously allowed our kids in to his cab for a look– they couldn’t stop talking about the little house on wheels he had in there!