Tips for passing the time with kids

Today’s my kids’ last day of school before the winter holidays. With two weeks of free time head, I thought it an ideal moment to point to Gretchen Rubin’s recent "Wednesday is Tip Day" post at The Happiness Project: Tips for passing time with kids. [via Gretchen and Sara — thank you both.]

On Monday I’ll be guest-posting at Kiddley on the same topic…how to pass those winter vacation days without going insane. Link to follow soon!

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    We need help with this! If the past is any predictor of the future, it’ll all be over before we can even blink!
    Compliments of the season to you all

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    Make microwave popcorn using the listed hack and use it to teach your kids to use chopsticks.

    Popcorn is easy to grab with chopsticks and easy to clean up.

    My parents taught my brother and I to use chopsticks when we quite young, and much of the dexterity remains with me today.

    It’s a great way to pass time while encouraging a new skill.

    If you’re not sure how to hold chopsticks, there is a great reference at:

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    Those are all great suggestions for games, but my kids are pretty young. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. the 3 year old has a pretty good understanding about things and would probably do ok with those games, but would get board very quickly.

    My family is more into movies and tech than board games and such. so when the girls are under 2 years old, we watch educational videos. we do the baby einstein’s videos. then when they get a bit older, we move them to, what i feel is the slightly lesser known, little einstein’s. as well as the all mighty Dora and/or Diago, depending on their liking (kidsongs is another great one).

    my wife and I also don’t just sit on our butts when the movies are playing. we will actually get things out from around the house and/or the kids toy box to further push the subject that the moves are on. then when we start loosing our minds from watching the same episodes, we take a break from them and say that the stars of the show are sleeping and do other things around the house, play with toys and what not, or go to the park (you dont have to stay inside all the time ya know :P ).

    (post on my blog to follow soon on suggested videos)