Save money with reciprocal museum memberships

Dana’s hack came up in my queue right when many of us have plans to travel out of town — an ideal opportunity to visit museums you may be able to get into for free:

Buy a Reciprocal Membership at a participating local children’s museum, and gain free admission to over 130 other children’s museums around the country, plus other member benefits. (Extra money-saving tip: Museums can set their own prices for Reciprocal Membership, so you can find the one near you with the cheapest Reciprocal Membership and purchase yours there, then get in free to them all.) More in my post at Mombian.

Great advice which I often forget to follow. Thanks for the reminder, Dana.

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  1. hedra says

    The same is true of zoo memberships. Buy one at your local smaller zoo, get discounts at the more distant ‘big trip’ zoos…

    Just check what the reciprocal arrangements are. Some are reduced cost, some are free entrance, it varies.