10 December 2006

Puree tomatoes in the can

In: Mealtime

Random cooking hack I stumbled onto last night: one can use an immersion blender to puree tomatoes directly in the can. Very carefully. Saved me a little dishwashing time.

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Amazing Hack: One can actually buy a can that has pre-pureed tomatoes! (, sorry, couldn't resist)

Note - that first comment was meant as a joke ... and in those parenthesis, before that first, lonely comma, there was supposed to be a -grin- in angle brackets ... but it looks like it got filtered out ... sigh ...

Eric: No worries. I'm not easily offended by tomato gaffes. As it happens, the recipe called for puree and all I had was chopped tomatoes. That always happens.

Immersion blenders are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! They are wonderful for so many things. They may even be the best thing since sliced bread :)~
They also make a special immersion blender for baby bottles to mix formula - FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

You will never have a fluffier omlette than one mixed by an immersion blender! And semi chunky soups! And so much more!

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