Parent Hacks admin: New square link badge

Parent Hacks square link badgeYou’ve got a Parent Hacks link badge on your site, right? Well, Charlene didn’t, but when she went to add one, she found my offerings wouldn’t fit properly. So she created her own, and kindly passed it along for all to use (thank you, Charlene!). For your linking pleasure, a new, square, 125×125 pixel link badge. You can grab it from here, or, if you need the HTML, visit the link badge page.


  1. says

    Looks great, any chance there will be a “We hack our kids” link badge. Some of us have 2 parents blogs and would love to have a link that reflects that. I would be happy to create one, but I do not have the talent of Charlene. If you even come up with one, let me know!