Meet the Parenthackers: Kirsten

Kirsten (who likely has no Net access as she’s in the super-snowy Rocky Mountain region) has submitted some incredible hacks, including the homemade calendar for preschoolers, the illustrated potty training tutorial, and using a spray bottle as portable air conditioning. I always enjoy getting her notes — I imagine her voice is as lively and engaging as they are.


6yo daughter, 4yo son, 20 mo. son

One-line parenting motto?

If they’re fed, clean, and happy, you’re doing pretty good. Also, people who come over will certainly see that playing with my kids takes precedent over cleaning the house. I’m cool with that.

Favorite hack?

oh, i’m sure i can’t narrow it down. one of the first hacks i was super impressed with was the ‘diaper wallet’. I really liked your post on buying quality kids’ clothing. most recently, a timely post about duct-tape was used at a performance, where my daughter was supposed to go on stage in tights but no shoes.


  1. Betsy says

    Might want to check the link for that first hack. I do a calendar for my kid, but I don’t think stickits will work….

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