Meet the Parenthackers: Duane Morin

Duane Morin hails from New England (NE United States), and has been a reader since just about the beginning. We “met” at Lifehacker, where he left a suggestion that Parent Hacks should publish its full feed (he was right; we published a partial feed at the time) and he’s been a stellar Parenthacker ever since. My favorite Duane contribution: the excellent “spouse hack” Work off the same to-do list.

I have three – 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old girls, though my wife technically won’t let me say “half” until January/February until it is mathematically correct because she doesn’t want them to grow up too fast, and my son, who is 7 months, who is apparently destined to spend his toddler years hearing strangers say of him, “So, you finally got the boy, huh? Congratulations!”

One-line parenting motto?
Oh, lord, I never really thought about it. Anything I could come up with off the top of my head would be some sort of joke.

Which hack have you found most useful or interesting?
Too many to name


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    Duane’s hack is right on the money, my husband and I have always worked like that and it definitely helps up keep on top of things.