Kid art as wrapping paper

Maggie has found an ideal use for her daughter's painting projects:

Every week, my daughter comes home from daycare with lots of artwork – including two or three big sheets of newsprint covered with tempera. I can't keep all of it, but I feel guilty tossing it. So, the vaguely color appropriate became Christmas wrapping. It's also been used as birthday wrapping for her school chums. And, I wrapped all of her own birthday presents with her own paper.  She didn't seem to notice.

I've cut my kids' art pieces into strips which I then glued to pre-folded blank cards, and they looked beautiful and modern. Or, if you're tired of the clutter but can't abide cutting up or tossing your kid's creations, digitize them.

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    Here’s another idea:

    Get some 3×3 and even 6×6 ceramic tiles (I suggest a Habitat ReStore or other reuse place, and NON-GLOSSY tiles), paint, and felt.

    Using the 3×3 tiles, let your child get his/her palm covered in paint, then press it on the tiles.

    Using the 6×6, do the same but with his/her feet.

    Let the paint dry, then spray several coats of sealant on them

    Put the felt on the back side.

    Give them out as coasters (3×3) or trivets (6×6)/

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