Homemade instant oatmeal packets

Instructables illustrates how to make your own instant oatmeal packets. Less expensive, better for you, and tastier than the prepackaged stuff. With a little tutoring on hot water safety, this is a wonderful way to encourage older kids to make their own hot breakfasts. (I would add a pinch of salt, by the way.) [Via Lifehacker.]

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  1. Sarah says

    Great suggestion! I’ve been making a slightly simpler version of this for years. I make oatmeal powder in the food processor and then make “packets” with 1/4 cup whole oat and 1/8 cup powder and a dash of salt. Then you just add boiling water and each person can choose whether to add sugar, butter, fruit, etc. The powder gives the oatmeal the creamier texture of instant rather than cooked oatmeal which my daugther prefers.

  2. says

    Ad far as this being healthier or better for you, I’m not crazy about the splenda idea, as is mentioned by some comments in the original post, especially for children. I agree that stevia is a good natural alternative but you could also just use some old fashioned brown sugar as well.

  3. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Sarah: Excellent idea! That brings back memories of my own childhood — I used to love those packages for exactly that reason…the creaminess. (I’m sure the massive pile of sugar had something to do with it, too.)

    kaz: Thanks for mentioning the Splenda. I had forgotten to talk about it — I was surprised to find it there, too.