Happy holidays!

Happy holidays to you all. May it be a safe, warm time…a time to marvel at those little beings who push you be your hackerish best. Lately I’ve been beset by what I call “attacks of joy;” those moments when my love for my kids hits me like a thunderbolt, and for a few electric minutes, I can barely believe my good fortune. I savor those moments, because so many more are lost to the daily grind.

Time to turn the grinder off, at least for a few days. Time to really look at those children, and to remind ourselves just how far we’ve come since they arrived.

Posting will be light between now and the New Year…may we all enjoy being unplugged for a little while!


  1. Jill says

    I’m just home from a week of travel through two sets of grandparents in two cities, and what I couldn’t wait to do today was catch up on missed Hacks. I turned to the December archives to see what had happened while I was gone. Congratulations Asha on creating such a wonderful forum for us. Happy New Year