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Some of us are knee-deep in holiday gift-buying at the moment, so to narrow the prospects a bit and hopefully save you a trip to the dreaded Big Box, allow me to share a few gift guides from some of my favorite Parenthackers:

Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide
Liz, Kristen and the other cool moms have a penchant for finding lovely thingies, whether for moms or kids (or for people buying gifts for moms or kids). They’re always looking to support independent businesses, many of which are mama-run.

Rookie Moms Holiday Gift Guide
Whitney and Heather have come up with a list of things “they’ve enjoyed themselves or are still wishing for.” Includes ideas for those with more time than money.

The Foodmomiac Gift Guide
For food lovers of all ages and proclivities.

Dutch’s 2006 Shopping Guide for the Indie Sonofabitch Parent
Dutch, the fatherly half of Sweet Juniper! and confirmed un-sonofabitch, came up with this excellent, extensive list of goodies.

While I have no official guide in store, I’ll be sharing a few nifty gifties I’ve come across during the next few days. Stay tuned!

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  1. STL Mom says

    Curse you, Sweet Juniper! I meant to go to bed early last night, and instead spent almost 2 hours clicking on links and completely rethinking my holiday shopping list. Argh! Too many choices!

  2. says

    Foodmomiac: Heh! I actually looked up “proclivities” in the dictionary before posting this because I was aware of the kinky connotation. But it’s a totally G-rated word: “an inclination or predisposition toward something…” However, the definition ends with this: “…especially : a strong inherent inclination toward something objectionable.” I decided to leave it in just to spice things up. (How’s that for an apropos food/sex pun!)

    (Wait for it…wait for it…)

    May your site benefit from the UNSAVORY implication.