Freeze your Hanukkah candles for fewer drips

According to some, Hanukkah candles drip less when stored in the freezer. My research seems to support this.

What's your tip for reducing candle drip?

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  1. hismoose says

    It has to do with parenting because kids are fascinated with the dripping candles, and will sneak chances to play with the wax or with getting the candles to flicker or melt crooked by blowing on them or tapping them. I did this as a kid, and every other former (and current) kid I know will guiltily admit the same.

    Another Hannukah candle safety tip – take a half sheet pan or big jelly-roll pan. Fill it with just enough water to cover the bottom. Set the menorah in the center. The lights will reflect a bit in the water and look pretty. Also should your sneaky small ones disturb the burning candles or the candles drip – all will fall safely into the pool.

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    C Brannon: In my world, less cleaning (cooking, organizing, general domestic fussing) = more quality time with my family. This tip falls under that category.

  3. says

    THANK YOU says this mom who just cleaned first night’s wax off the windowsill, and doesn’t want to see what it’s like by night eight.

    Next year I’m not getting the cheap supermarket candles.

  4. Jodie says

    I’m from England. I do not know what Hanukkah is! Can someone please please tell me? Is it like Christmas?

  5. says

    We put ours on a sheet of tinfoil. Even if they do drip it doesn’t make a mess.

    PS For easy post-holiday cleanup, soak the menorahs in hot water for a bit, the wax floats right off, no more scrubbing.