Flo Water Deflector adds to bathtime fun

Barb of Great Family Gadgets passed along her review of the Flo Water Deflector, which looks to be a fun addition to the nightly bath.

Speaking of bath toys, don’t throw away those nasal aspirators (AKA snot suckers) — my daughter is having lots of squirty fun with one in the bath as I type. (Let’s hope my laptop and I don’t get doused.)

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  1. says

    I read some reviews of the Flo on Amazon as well because I was considering buying it for my son, but several reviewers said if you don’t have a pull up for the shower on your faucet that the Flo wouldn’t fit(we don’t, so I saved myself the trouble). Just a warning!

  2. Jill says

    I’ve been considering giving them the syringes we get with our prescriptions, but I’m afraid the blasts of water might go a bit too far. I’m wet enough by the end of bathtime.