CPSC website lists toy recalls and product safety news

My friend Jason (of Platial) has been watching the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission RSS feed of child product and toy recalls, and has been shocked by the sheer volume of stuff deemed unsafe. Definitely worth a look during this intense toy-buying season.

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    I love visiting this site. When I found recalled onesies(!) listed, I realized that many innocuous looking things may not be.

    Then there are those things where you look at it and wonder how the item ever made it on the market in the first place. Common sense is definitely uncommon at times.

    I was really disappointed to find that although I promptly registered a large Leapfrog battery-eating gift, the company DID NOT NOTIFY ME OF A RECALL by either email or USPS mail.

    I thought product registrations would ensure that the company informed me of dangerous conditions, but it apparently does not.

    The CPSC has a brief weekly podcast in case you’d rather listen to the newly identified dangers than read through the site: