Because you’re the expert

Here’s your chance to write that manifesto you’ve been thinking about ever since your kid was born. What? You haven’t been formulating a manifesto? Everyone’s doing it!

Seriously, Brian Reid (Rebeldad) is spearheading a fascinating campaign to encourage us all to write down our most elemental thoughts about parenthood. Snippets of mine (and, I suspect, yours) come thru on Parent Hacks, but here’s a chance to write something more cohesive. We’re all experts on the particulars of our own family workings, even if we don’t feel like it most of the time. Nice way to recognize that.

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    I write a weekly column at

    Most of the time, my advice contained in some of my columns boils down to two concepts:

    1) Validate first, before you say anything else.

    2) Address the problem as though it were separate from your child (so you and your kid can team up to defeat the problem), so that your kid feels like they’re not alone.

    Let me take a moment to say how awesome ParentHacks is for pointing all us parents to these other racehorses, er, resources.