Adrienne gets creative with a swim noodle

Through a series of circumstances, hacker-extraordinaire Adrienne of Baby Toolkit was left with “half a noodle to contemplate.” The result? Some inspired babyproofing.

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    What I like about the swim noodle is how thick it is and that it doesn’t have adhesive.

    While we want the doors to stay open during the day, at night it is nice to be able to slide off the noodle and close our son’s door at night.

    The thickness worked out for the under the table hack as Adrienne wanted as much cushion between the boy’s head and the metal rail.

    With her creative use of zip ties, I think she needs to start seeking sponsorship from a major manufacturer.

    We haven’t attacked the coffee table yet (but I have an idea!). We’ve been hoping for a non-adhesive solution. The tennis ball hack that Asha posted a while back ( looks promising, though.