3-D snowflake templates

3-D SnowflakeI recently saw elaborate versions of these 3-D snowflakes hanging at our local science museum. WikiHow explains how to make them. [Via Blogging Baby]

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    I saw this a few weeks ago on another blog and had to try it out. It is very simple and makes pretty cool decorations. I even had my manufacturing class (I teach High School Industrial classes) use these as an assembly line project.

    Cool project that takes longer than you’d think, but comes out nice. Just a comment a single sheet of paper for each part of the star is really too big. You end up with a 16″ diameter star. Half sheets are nicer, but still a little big. I think that’s where I’d start though before it gets too small to work on.

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    I tried this, and indeed, it winds up being a little big. Also the directions for making it are terrible and it would have helped if they had mentioned that stiffer paper works best (you get a floppy snowflake with regular paper).