Meet the Parenthackers: Stu Mark

Soon after Parent Hacks launched, Stu’s comments popped off the page and into my psyche. Honest, wise, and positive…I found myself waiting to hear what he had to say, and almost always taking it to heart. He models the sort of respectful yet firm (and fun) parenting I admire. Examples: ‘The problem’ is the problem […]

Meet the Parenthackers: Sara Carlstead Brumfield


Sara, a native of Austin, Texas, has been an incredible contributor to Parent Hacks since the beginning. She’s become one of my Internet friends and I hope to see her when I’m in Austin for SXSW in March (more about that soon!). So far, she’s sent in over fifty hacks, topics for conversation, and links […]

Send your best “getting organized” hacks


If you're like me, "getting organized" is one of your annual New Year's resolutions. I'd like to highlight everyone's best clutter-busting hacks in January, so send 'em in now! A few ideas to get you started: Tips for keeping your house relatively tidy Simplifying kid's room cleaning Reducing mental clutter (I'd LOVE to hear your […]

Parent Hacks admin: New square link badge

Parent Hacks square link badge

You’ve got a Parent Hacks link badge on your site, right? Well, Charlene didn’t, but when she went to add one, she found my offerings wouldn’t fit properly. So she created her own, and kindly passed it along for all to use (thank you, Charlene!). For your linking pleasure, a new, square, 125×125 pixel link […]

Meet the Parenthackers: Amie

Vegas, baby! No, really. Amie lives in Las Vegas, NV, and just had a baby! Congratulations, Amie! For as long as I can remember, Amie has been a constant, friendly source of enthusiasm. She’s been submitting hacks from the beginning (Make your own diaper caddy). She recently prompted a great discussion about pre-baby prep, and […]

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays to you all. May it be a safe, warm time…a time to marvel at those little beings who push you be your hackerish best. Lately I’ve been beset by what I call “attacks of joy;” those moments when my love for my kids hits me like a thunderbolt, and for a few electric […]

Meet the Parenthackers: Kirsten

Kirsten (who likely has no Net access as she’s in the super-snowy Rocky Mountain region) has submitted some incredible hacks, including the homemade calendar for preschoolers, the illustrated potty training tutorial, and using a spray bottle as portable air conditioning. I always enjoy getting her notes — I imagine her voice is as lively and […]