More ideas for using up the Halloween candy

If your kid's Halloween haul looks like ours, you'll be well-supplied with sugar till the candy canes start arriving in December. A few suggestions to help you disperse your little pirate's booty:

  • Chop it up and mix it into ice cream
  • Add it to cookie dough
  • Bake it into birthday cakes
  • Float Junior Mints in your coffee
  • Share it with your mail carrier, your garbage person, your dog walker, your housecleaner, your boss…
  • Freeze it to bring out for family movie nights, or save it for decorating a holiday gingerbread house
  • Give it to the bridge toll taker (my mom does this and always gets a smile)

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  1. says

    A number of folks in our neighborhood are sending the candy to the soldiers and kids in Iraq… Better than around my midsection!

  2. says

    We also set clear expectations with our kids. When we came home last night we dumped the candy and did the safelty check. Then each kid got a ziplock bag. They made their choices and filled up their bag. The rest is going out of the house. I am thinking the nursing home.

    Now that they have their smaller bag of candy, they get one piece after lunch and 1 after dinner. We definitely let them endulge last night.

    We thought about introducing the Halloween fairy, but decided not to. For our family it’s about trying to make good overall choices when it comes to food. My husband wrote this post about it:
    I am hoping it doesn’t end up on my waist!


  3. Saundra in MO says

    Great ideas for getting rid of all that evil pants resizing stuff!
    But be wary about freezing some candy to reuse later. Some candy turns into a goopy mess when it cools down to room temperature because of the condensation.

    After my little one gets done doing candy swaps with her cousins the next day, Daddy takes all the unwanted candy to work to share with his warehousemen. The guys love it! Especially the ones without children.

  4. Kara says

    I’m loving the gingerbread house idea. That’s what I’ll do with the stuff I don’t like. The kids have seen the last of it. People started giving out candy early this year, so they’ve had quite enough.

  5. Kara says

    Getting rid of the candy (and this post) have reminded me of that Paul Simon song, “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover.”

  6. Scott says

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