Use foaming hand soap in the bath

We recently extolled the virtues of foaming hand soap: fun, economical, easier than regular soap for kids to wash off. Sara uses it as body soap when bathing her daughter. Here’s why:

Foaming soap — I think Kandoo makes a kid specific version, but I’ve just been using SoftSoap’s — is a great bath time hack.  Why?  Well, in one pump you don’t use as much soap as you would with other liquid soaps, since it is both more watery and full of air.  It’s also a great "ingredient" for bath time play.  Miss J. has been "cooking" with hers (a small cup and a plastic spoon) and is learning both her body parts and how to wash herself with it.  I put a spot of foam on different body parts (knees, tummy, elbows, feet) and she washes/plays with it.

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  1. says

    Even better: the foaming stuff (soap & shampoo) is just watered-down normal stuff, so you can refill the containers with any handsoap/shampoo and save tons of money. I find about 1/3 soap/shampoo and 2/3 water does it, but start with half & half and see.

  2. HandsFree says

    I would think that softsoap or even maybe Kandoo hand soap would sting if gotten in the eyes? But Robyn’s comment seems to fix that, if you use no tears body wash or shampoo.