TripHub simplifies group travel planning

Thanksgiving…a day when family flies in from far and wide to converge at a single dining room table. Quite a logistical feat. Jocelyn, blog editor and group trip advisor for TripHub, got in touch some time ago to let me know about TripHub’s group travel planning tools, which should come in rather handy right now, as you settle your Thanksgiving plans. You use TripHub to create a "trip home page," which you use to collaborate on plans, schedules, and travel details. You can also blog your trip at TripHub — a fun project to share with the kids.

TripHub looks great for vacations, but also for the day-to-day stuff such as out-of-town games or tournaments, field trips, or anything else that requires group travel.

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    We just used TripHub for a weekend trip to Flagstaff and it was great. We had 3 families visiting another who lives there and getting all our plans together was very helpful. The whole time my wife and I were kicking ourselves for not knowing about it when we went to New York over the summer. It would have been even more useful then. I’ll definitely be using it again.