Transmit bedtime iPod music with the hotel’s clock radio

Heather’s get-the-baby-to-sleep-while-away hack:

We recently took a weekend road trip with our 20 month-old son. His normal bedtime routine includes a bath, books, and some quiet classical music in the background.

To make sure the routine was followed as well as possible, I loaded a few of his favorite CDs on our iPod and packed the FM transmitter (a Griffin iTrip). At bedtime I tuned the room’s clock radio to the transmitter’s frequency and turned on the sleep timer, then played his favorite bedtime CD on the iPod.

It worked like a charm. He went to sleep on his own without fuss, despite being in a strange room and a different bed.

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    We did the same thing with our son’s lullaby CD. I don’t have a nifty FM transmitter though, so we just used a set of cheap, small computer speakers and plugged them into the headphone jack of the ipod. Then we used the AC adapter to plug the ipod into the wall. Works great!