16 November 2006

Timestrips tell you how long food has been in the fridge

Whitney passed along an interesting find, which I was about to balk at ("bah! Masking tape and a Sharpie is good enough for me!"), but then I took another look and thought it might actually be useful in some situations:

A co-worker just turned me on to this product, Timestrips. It's a tag you place on items in your fridge that lets you know how long the item has been there. Seems like a great thing for jarred baby food that should only be open in the fridge for a few days.


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I prefer to container-hack my food timestamps with a black china marker. Snag one from the Kroger's grocery for free, and it'll last forever!

How about integrating RFIDs and SMS notifications too?

I'm not going to buy these myself, but I will defend the scenario in which I think they'd be best. When one spouse believes that food never goes bad and the other doesn't want to eat (or feed the kid) anything more than a couple days old. Each person can choose for themselves. I suppose the sharpie can do the same thing, but some how the third-party system seems more objective.

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