Thin cloth diapers make ideal nursing covers

Tory’s tip for breathable nursing covers:

When my first daughter was a baby and I was still thinking I could manage cloth diapers, I accidentally bought a package of the kind that are really thin and flat (unfolded) with no seams.  I can’t remember what they’re called, but they’re kind of gauzy.  I went on to use them for burp cloths, which was fine, but when my second daughter was born, it occurred to me to use them when I was breastfeeding.  They make an excellent cover for breastfeeding in public.  I’ve always felt bad covering up a baby when she’s warm and she’s right next to my warm body, but I also understand that not everyone is comfortable being able to see what’s going on, nor am I all that eager to show off my postpartum flesh.  The thin diapers are more breathable than a blanket, they let in some light, and I think they’re just about the right size to drape over us without being unmanageable.

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  1. says

    I think moms need to do whatever they need to do in order to make themselves feel comfortable to nurse in public.

    Personally, I never felt any need to cover up. The baby covers up any exposed flesh with his body anyway. I always thought that putting a cover over mom and baby just draws MORE attention and acts like a flashing neon sign announcing what you are doing. I felt I could be more discreet without putting up a tent.

    Just a different perspective. :-)

  2. says

    I totally agree. The gauzy burp cloths always shedded on my Little buddy’s mouth, leaving lint stuck to him but they were perfect for covering up.

  3. Jill says

    I continue to use those cloth diapers and the thick ones for all sorts of things. The thin ones are an easy diaper change mat on a friend’s sofa, shade a baby in hot sun, cool great when wet (drape over shoulders or heads of tots and kids)…they have tons of uses! I never even used them on a tush at my house, but I still love ‘em.

  4. HDC says

    I use these all day every day for my little spitter. They’re called bird’s eye gauze. They are fabulous!

  5. ikate says

    How Funny! I asked my husband to get some cloth diapers for burp cloths when our daughter was a newborn. He came home with a pack of these “birdseye” diapers – thin and gauzy. Not the thick burp cloths I was hoping for, but the very next day I needed to feed her while we had visitors – the “birdseye diaper” was out and worked perfectly! Now I don’t leave home without one!

  6. says

    These sound great in terms of breathability and portability. I was completely dependent on my Hooter Hider/ Bebe Au Lait nursing cover, and if you have an active baby (especially one bent on seeing the world as they nurse), they might pull a burp cloth or blanket off.

    It seems like you could attach a temporary over-the-neck strap (a ribbon or a cloth strip) to the burp cloth with safety pins (remember not to leave it near the baby with the strap attached as it is a strangulation hazard). For the true geek, those alligator clip things from the dentist would be high style.