Tabblo: Digital photo sharing artistry

TabbloLiesel of Tabblo has been in touch to share the finer points of their incredible photo montage and sharing service. Have you seen it? Wonderful, easy artistry possible with digital photos. She even shared her hack:

I took pictures of my son’s kindergarten Halloween party as did some other parents. I created an “event” tabblo that lets people email their pictures to a special address and have them automatically added to the collage (they don’t have to be members). Nobody else does stuff like this. So I got tons of photos (and not just of my kid!) and the parents went nuts over it. I also made a poster of the tabblo to hang in the classroom. It’s just a really neat way to share photos that’s collaborative, private, and results in a great end product that helped the parents who weren’t able to be there get a feel for what went on.

The posters look like incredible gifts, and the postcards would be ideal holiday cards. There is also a new group feature that allows for collaboration. Here’s an example: Tracey’s Picture This Tabblo group.

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  1. debigon says

    This looks amazing, thank you so much for the info. I cant wait to get home and upload pictures of my boys.

  2. says

    I think both Smug Mug and Tabblo are pretty similar. I really like the interface of Tabblo…seems really easy to use.

    The products are a good price. There is another option for your photos that is not included though, and that’s converting them into really unique and funky artworks for your walls. Have a look at – you get a really awesome piece of art exactly to your specified colors and style, but with a really familiar face as the subject!