Swimsuit cover-up does double duty as mega-bib

Shauna‘s solution for extra-messy toddler meals:

My 17 month-old daughter started wearing some of her new Fall clothes this week. I felt a little nauseated one night when she spilled curry couscous on the front of a new white shirt, leaving a lovely yellow stain. A bib isn’t always enough for this kid, so I went searching through our house for something better to protect her clothes.

The solution was a zip-up terry-cloth swimsuit cover up that she never got a chance to wear this summer. It’s big enough to put on over what she’s wearing. It even has a hood so in extreme situations I guess I could even protect her hair from being smeared with yogurt. I just toss it in the laundry when I wash towels, and it’s good to go again the next day.

It’s not something I want or need to use at every meal, but it’s good for extra messy food or clothes that NEED to stay clean for something later in the day.

Hey, at least she eats curry couscous, unlike SOME CHILDREN.

Other ideas: this cute coverall bib, or strip ‘em down.

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    I have used a too-big t-shirt before, but I like this idea a lot more because you don’t have to then pull the filthy shirt over the kids’ head. Great idea.

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    My kids are older and the girls (3.5 and 5.5 yrs) still sometimes put their zippered coverups or robes on over their clothes at dinner if it’s something we really would like to protect.