Refill foam hand soap dispenser with diluted regular soap

We are great appreciators of those new pumps that produce foamy hand soap. So much easier for kids to rinse off, and fun to use. Kirsten informs us that refills are no big deal:

The foam-y handsoaps (like Kandoo and Bath and Body Works) that kids love are basically made of watered-down soap.  You can use regular soap refills and add water to them.  I fill my soap pumps with 1/4- 1/3 soap, and then almost to the top with water, then shake it up.  Works great!  Don’t use any soap refill with microbeads in it, though – those will clog the dispenser.



  1. says

    We do this too! It’s great, it’s cheap, and we can keep using the “disposable” foam dispensers for years.

    I’ll warn against using mosturizer laden handsoaps. They’ll coat and clog the pumps over time. We learned this lesson the hard way with some Pampered Chef soap foam pumps.

  2. says

    This is one of my favorite hacks! I love to use the castile soap that Trader Joe’s sells; it’s cheaper and good for more than hands. It’s super concentrated and works for laundry and general cleaning as well. I keep fewer product preferences in my brain when I narrow down what I actually need.

  3. Jennifer says

    I’ve discovered this as well. You don’t even need that much soap. I use about a 1:5 soap to water ratio and still get good lather. I use even less in the bathroom since my daughter loves to play in the sink.