Parent Hacks admin: Start your Amazon holiday shopping here

For those of you super-organized types who get their holiday shopping done early, may I make what I hope is not-too-tacky of a suggestion? Please consider starting your shopping here at Parent Hacks. You can get there by clicking the link in this post, or any of the other Parent Hacks links to Amazon, including those in the ‘Things We Like’ sidebar. If you click through to Amazon from anywhere in the site, anything you buy at Amazon (not just the products discussed here) will throw a small referral fee our way. No extra steps or cost to you, and a nice, easy way to share the love with your favorite parenting hack-publishin’ blogger.

(In case you’re interested, the $20 certificate and free Super Saver shipping deal on Toys and Games ends today.)

Thank you for listening, and for being the best readership any blog author could hope for.