Quick meals with microwave-ready rice


From Stefania, who knows her food: GoGo organic rice makes my life easier.  You can buy it from Amazon Grocery in a variety of flavors (I like plain and brown) and from Asian markets.  It cooks in 90 seconds in the microwave and makes a quick, healthy meal.  I like to top it with toasted […]

Lead in Christmas lights?


In case you missed Maggie’s comment on the post about lead in Halloween toys, I’ve decided to promote it to the front page. Thank you, Maggie, for letting us know about this. Unfortunately, there are many hidden lead dangers that parents should be aware of, especially parents of small children and infants. I became aware […]

Use foaming hand soap in the bath

We recently extolled the virtues of foaming hand soap: fun, economical, easier than regular soap for kids to wash off. Sara uses it as body soap when bathing her daughter. Here’s why: Foaming soap — I think Kandoo makes a kid specific version, but I’ve just been using SoftSoap’s — is a great bath time […]

DadTalk’s “hacks”

AJ pointed me to DadTalk’s Real-life solutions for everyday living, "some funny, some serious, some I hope he’s being funny." Tags: Parenting

Hands-free trash can encourages kids to tidy up


We were just houseguests at a friend’s home, and she had this hands-free trash can tucked away in her kitchen. Not only did my clean-freak husband practically swoon with delight (his pet peeve: touching the trash can lid), it was all my kids could do to find stuff to throw away. Awesome. Mine’s being shipped […]

iCrib: iPod for babies


‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ is for babies! I want my Zeppelin! Because it’s now countdown to the Big Present Hullabaloo, and because it involves an iPod and babies, and because we can…we present you with the iCrib Sound System. It’s an iPod speaker with a nightlight that attaches to the side of the crib. Because (and I […]